No More Pain

Kevin Fontaine went to be with Jesus early this morning. Kevin was one day short of his forty-fifth birthday and has been battling cancer for the last 18 months or so. Kevin lived well, loved Jesus and died well. It's been such a privilege to get to know him and his family so much better--his wife Mary, his kids Michael and Annika, parents, brothers, sisters and more. Mary has a very deep faith walk with Christ and kept a beautiful balance between believing God can and does heal and not presuming upon God's sovereign and loving choices. This is a family where Christ is at the center of their lives.

Last night I had the privilege to sing hymns late into the night at Kevin's bedside with his family, including his parents, mom-in-law and one of his sisters. Kevin wasn't very conscious, but it was obvious that it soothed his soul. As usual, their dog Lucky was there. This dog has twice gotten into my prayers with Kevin by nuzzling close while I pray. Last week, while I was holding Kevin's hand and praying, Lucky stuck his nose into our hands and stayed there until I was done praying. It was uncanny.

Kevin died with Mary by his side around 4:00 a.m. this morning. Please pray for the family.