Tell Me Your Favorites

Just decided to look back over a year of message series. Here's where we've been since last Easter.

  • Lost: A look at four of Christ's post-resurrection appearances to his "lost" disciples and the direction Jesus gave them and us. The real plane on stage and the island theme set the stage really well.
  • What Would Jesus Say to Dan Brown: That was our Da Vinci Code series. Basically an opportunity to do an apologetics series. We suggested he would say, "Got Truth?," "There is Something about Mary," "Sex is a Sacred Union," and "Who Do You Say that I am."
  • Superheroes: Biblical character trait studies.
  • Prayer-Can You Hear Me Now?: A study of the Lord's Prayer.
  • Family Channel: Four messages on family related issues.
  • Go: Messages on passages where Jesus sends out his disciples. Jesus is on the go and he wants us to go with him.
  • Old Testament Rewind: An overview of the Old Testament message and how it points to Christ.
  • No Perfect People Allowed: A study of three Bible heroes and one church showing that God takes us as we are...but God doesn’t want us to stay as we are...we’ll always be a work in progress...So let’s not pretend.
  • U2CanRocktheWorld: All about the local and global PEACE Plan.
  • The Office: Taking Jesus into your work world.
  • Epic: The Larger Story and our crucial role in it.

Which were your favorites? "Go" is number one for me, but "U2CanRocktheWorld" and "No Perfect People Allowed" are close behind it. One of my biggest highlights was the week Dana preached on helping the hurting in the U2 series, the Karen refugees sang, shared and cooked for us. and Yves shared about Haiti. It was awesome! Honorable mention goes to Tim and Kara singing Vertigo.