Kriesel Ground-breaking

Dsc01737 Dsc01723 Dsc01721John Kriesel will have a career in comedy or motivational speaking. You heard it first here.

What a privilege to be a part of the ground-breaking for the Kriesel's new handicap accessible home. John lost both legs in a roadside bombing in Iraq, but he didn't lose any of his spirit there.

Bill Derrick Construction is building at cost. Other contractors from Five Oaks are working at cost (or have already done so at the Kriesel's home to get it ready to sell). The land was sold to the Kriesal's at cost by the developer. It's simply incredible.

My heart goes out to other soldiers who return with serious injuries and don't get support from their communities. But I'm sure happy that our church is involved in saying "thank you" to John and his family for their sacrifices for our country.