Cascading Messages

If you read my blog on a regular basis, I'd like to ask a simple but big favor of those of you who are Five Oakers. I'd like you to subscribe to the emails even if you use Bloglines or some other such service. Here's why. When you get an email of entries you can forward it to someone who doesn't read the blog. I'm not talking about forwarding every email, but if there's something in there that would be good for the folks in your small group to read, or good for a can forward it to them and help me get the vision and heart of our church out to more people.

Communicating in a large church is next to impossible. We can't do enough. I mean it, we really can't do enough. Those of you who read this may not always agree with me, but at least you know where I stand and you get more behind the scenes information than your average Joe. I communicate more here than i probably get to communicate with our Board or Elders! (Although, I think most of them read it.) I started this blog mostly to get the word out and to communicate my heart (as messy as that is sometimes). You can help.

Let me tell you a story to illustrate what I mean. I met a few weeks ago with someone who had moved back to the area and was church shopping. They had attended Five Oaks before, but they wanted to consider other options for this stage in their lives. So they came with questions, and we talked for several hours. (I'm not the best time manager when I'm having fun.)

One of the first questions was more of a comment. I'll paraphrase: "I was going to ask you about what's the vision for Hudson. Since we came back I've asked several Five Oaks members what's up with Hudson and they keep saying, 'We have no idea.' So I went to your blog and in a few minutes I got all my questions answered."

It's not for not talking about it! It's just next to impossible to get the word out. People tune out to weekly stuff, people are at cabins or on vacation or sleeping to recover from the week on key vision casting weekends and we barely get 25% at Congregational Meetings. So you can help. Especially with people who are struggling with changes. Forward key emails and encourage them to read. You can make a big difference in this way. Thanks in advance.