Woodbury Prayer Breakfast

The Woodbury Prayer Breakfast is tomorrow morning. I serve on the committee with a bunch of very committed folks from area churches. Our own Mike Binkley will be the MC, and Marcie Berglund is working on the programming of the event. It was the mayor's prayer breakfast and he's still a force behind it, but this is the first year it won't be officially tied to him.

Nearly 700 people will be attending. Every year it's an outstanding event and the gospel is always clearly presented by the speaker. This year's speaker is Pat Richie who served for years as a chaplain for the Forty-niners and sports a Super Bowl ring from their first Super Bowl. The committee met for dinner tonight with several of the folks that will be speaking, singing, etc. and, judging from a little preview Pat gave us, it should be another winning message tomorrow.

If you've never attended, seriously consider coming next year and bringing a seeking friend. They will love it and you'll not regret it.