Three Experiments This Weekend

You can expect three experiments in the worship service this weekend.

  • We're doing announcements and offering about midway through the service and collecting the Communication Cards on the way out of the service. We've never done that before. The primary impetus is that I just don't feel announcements is a good way to end the service and send everyone off. Yet our Communication Cards are our primary way of asking people to respond (so collecting them earlier short-changes that process.) We kicked around other ideas at our programming team meeting this week, but most others require a lot more work from others. So we're experimenting with this and we'll evaluate it. Feel free to let us know how it feels to you after the weekend.
  • I'm going to rehearse my message a lot more this week. I'm shooting for three complete run-throughs in an empty worship center on Saturday. I usually shoot for one. I just don't feel I'm giving it my best on Saturday lately and need to own it better so that I can pick up the pace (you'll notice the at the best speakers talk about 25% faster than the rest) and go with the flow better.
  • I'll be asking people to respond in a different way. I've never done it the way I'm planning. I'll let you come and see or watch the podcast, and you can evaluate for yourself and let me know what you think.