Random stuff

Just some random stuff:

  • Read two books on this trip: The Big Idea and Transformation. Both excellent. I think I'm going to have the staff, Board and some other leaders read Transformation by Bob Roberts. The Big Idea is written by some of the leaders of Community Christian Church in Naperville. They're the church that's helping us go multi-site.
  • Spend a couple of days with my cousin and uncle after the conference. Took a walk with my cousin through a "jungle" and saw a manatee swimming down a stream on our walk. Did you know they filmed some of the old Tarzan movies in the Orlando area? Easy to see with all the jungle and vines on the walk.
  • Ground-breaking ceremony tomorrow for the Kriesel home at 10:00 a.m.
  • Great small group discussion tonight. Hard getting everyone together at this time of year. You can see it in our church attendance too. Things don't pick up again until fall. But it sure is nice having this great weather.
  • Got home today. So glad to be home, but hated saying goodbye to my cousin and uncle. My uncle is 78 and has some health issues, so any time together is precious.