Q & A 17

Q: Are you working on a college & career age small group? Would you ever consider letting the youth do a church service once a quarter or so? Why don't we have a children's Christmas program?

A: We usually have a very strong college and career group over the summer. It's a lot harder to sustain during the school year, at least in part because we're not a college town. But you never know. I know we've tried and you might want to ask Tim Bubar about any future plans that might be in the works.

We use to do a youth led service when we were smaller. There are no plans in the works right now. Given the right circumstances, we might do one some time, but I can't see us ever doing one on a quarterly basis.

Regarding a Children's Christmas program: We strive to do a few things well. You can ask Jeni Carlson, our Children's Director, if there are any future plans for this.