Q & A 12

Q: Why is there no men's Bible study at this church?

A: The simplest answer is that we're pretty focused on doing a few things well, and starting men's Bible study groups hasn't been a high priority. When I first came, I tried to encourage men's groups. When our kids were young, Lois was in a woman's group and I was in a men's group, and that worked well for us. But men's groups never got traction here.

On the other hand, at our recent men's breakfast event, we signed up a bunch of guys to do a six-week book study and we've offered to start an all-men's small group (using Group Life and doing all the things that small groups do at Five Oaks). Not sure if we've had any takers yet. Most of our men are in our small groups. Quite a few men also do Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). BSF is a great place for men who want to study the Bible in greater detail or want an additional opportunity for Bible study. I recommend it as a supplement to what we do for those who have the time and inclination. In some cases it might be the priority for some men, not a supplement.