Japanese Style


Jroom Jbeds_2 Jview Jstreet Yesterday, our first full day here, we walked to the Imperial Palace (which was closed), ate at a sushi go-round, then took the Bullet Train south to Odawara. We stayed at a hotel there where we had a Japanese room. Incredible views from our room. One of the highlights was the hot spring baths (onsen) at the hotel. So relaxing. On the way back to Tokyo we spent some time in Odawara. The part of Toyko where the Dalton's live is quite modern and not that different from other great cities, at least until you get up close. Odawara was much more what I expected a Japanese city to look like. We've got some fun plans for tonight--some entertainment and Japanese BBQ. Strange to think that it's 4:00 a.m. Saturday in MN and we're just starting our Saturday evening.