Towering Desire

Brennen Manning writes:

Jesus' growing intimacy with his Father and the awareness of his Father's holiness filled him with an all-consuming thirst for the Father. His interior life of trust and loving surrender was not simply a matter of personal prayer, private religious experience, and delighting in God's intimate presence while being oblivious to the real world in its struggle for redemption, justice, and peace. The inner life of Jesus Christ took expression in a special, vital quality of presence in the world in the most active of situations.

There was a towering desire within him to reveal his Father in serving the poor, the captive, the blind, and all who are in need. Jesus was entirely devoured by his mission. It was the experience of the Father's holiness that created the imperative of preaching the reign of God's justice, peace, and forgiving love.

A vision of God's holiness and an experience of intimacy with the Father leads to proclaiming the reign of God through serving those in greatest need and reaching out to people far from God. Yes!