Go Adventurers Part 2

I wrote a post called Go Adventurers a while back about the adventures of two of Five Oaks' young adults--Mike in Haiti and Anna Dalton in China. So it's so cool to get an email from Anna that she sent to her support team while I'm here in Haiti where she's writing about a young lady from her Bible study who crossed the line of faith.

Today at church my best Chinese friend turned to me at the end of the service and said, "I think I'm ready." And I said, "Ready for what?" and she said, "To believe........but I'm not sure."

Then we sang a song that translates, "I want JC,  I want Him in my life." (There were probably more words but this was what I understood.) She said she couldn't help but cry.

Afterwards, I asked her if she prayed and she said YES.

I really wanted to jump up and down but somehow I just hugged her instead!

This is a huge answer to prayers that began in August when I met her!...

I hope this news makes you smile as much as I did today:)

For some reason, I can't sleep, so I think I'm going to do kartwheels around the block in celebration....