Dscf1146 Today was mostly about coaching. Met my coach today and three of us took turns being video taped and role playing various situations, then being led by the coach in our debrief. Outstanding stuff.

Earlier in the day we did a bridge building exercise. We were split into four teams and had to build this bridge with a coach watching us behind a two-way mirror. No exercise is straightforward here, so part way through they took our "engineer" and sent him to another group, changed the specs, took building equipment away, and shortened the timetable. When it was all done, our bridge held up the best and we won. But I wasn't that happy. It's ugly. Look at it. Who wants a bridge like that in their town.

The exercises have been very insightful. One of the most important parts is the debrief and learning how to give feedback to each other regarding behaviors we saw in the exercises. The interesting thing is how much we get into these things, even though their outcome makes no difference to our lives. And every one of us gets into it and experience stresses from it.Dscf1143 Dscf1145 Dscf1137