Visit to Eagle Brook

Went to two Eagle Brook services on Sunday with David (our Worship Director) and his wife Melissa. First we attended their White Bear campus' 9:30 a.m. service called The Brook. A little softer, lighter music than their other services. The sermon was on video. Then we went to the Lino campus for their 11:00 a.m. service. 

The music, visuals and message were all great at both services! As usual, watching the message on video is not much different than seeing it in person. You just forget. I was laughing out loud several times because of a great story Bob Merritt told. I don't think I would not have laughed louder or more at the in-person venue.

Both David and I came away with all kinds of lists of ideas and reflections. We went to Mickey's Diner afterward and started debriefing. (First time at Mickey's for David and Melissa. I love Mickey's and have gotten to know the manager over the years. Mary always makes it interesting and fun.)

What kind of things did I note?

  • They change the look of their stage every three months. We've been trying to do it every series with a series tie-in. We'll be discussing the pros and cons of each method.
  • David gave me a primer on intelligent lights. Eagle Brook uses a lot of them and the effects are incredible.
  • Sub-woofers.
  • Addressing guests, especially unchurched guests, directly in every service.
  • Bible verses on the screen during instrumental solos in songs (themed with the song).
  • I made some mental notes about Merritt's presentation style that I liked and could learn from.

There was other stuff and David had a ton.

Was I spiritually edified too? I mean, here I had a week off and could just take in a service and participate and not have to worry about anything, right? Well, the answer to that is complicated.  Here are some thoughts:

  • Having the weekend off, even if all I did was veg, would be spiritually uplifting.
  • The way I'm wired, what I just described "fed me."
  • This was a work trip. One of the things I have to do in order to stay fresh and spark creativity and ideas is this kind of trip. It had been too long since the last one.
  • The fellowship with David and Melissa was invigorating.
  • I would have to be there at least two weeks in a row to stop observing and taking notes and just worship. That's just the way it is. That's one of the reasons I love youth nationals. The first session I'm taking notes. After that, I'm just taking it in.
  • I worship at our church every week. The concerns of preaching don't keep me from participating. 
  • I venture a guess that I listen to more preachers than anyone else in our church. I'm personally challenged and encouraged by what I hear.