Q & A 4

Q: On a typical weekend, assuming there's a drama, how many different people are involved in the services (including behind the scene audio, etc.)?

A: About 6 musicians, 3 vocalists, 3 tech, 1 sound tech, 1 video graphics tech, 1 lights tech, 1 camera operator, 4 actors, 1 director, 1 preacher, 5 programming team, 5 creative team (for the series), 3 visuals team (for series). If a video was produced or edited we have a few more behind the scenes folks. Oh yeah, several staff including our graphics designer on the PowerPoint for the series, words of songs on PowerPoint slides and all the steps involved in producing the worship program. Then there are First Impression folks working as greeters at the worship center doors, handing out worship programs and several ushers. And several behind the scenes preping communion once per month. If a Faith Story is included we have one who edits and one who recruits. I know I'm forgetting something, but that's the gist of it. Thanks for asking.