Upcoming Message Series

Nothing is in cement on all of this, but here's what the first six months of 2007 look like for message series at Five Oaks:

  • "No Perfect People Allowed": Aside from Jesus, can you think of any people in the Bible who weren't mess-ups in one way or another? You can't. Okay, maybe Daniel and Job. Rare, though. So why do we pretend we're not. Imagine an alcoholic attending AA meetings week after week and pretending not to have a problem with alcohol. Are you able to be honest about your struggles with someone, with your small group or with someone in your small group? We'll look at imperfect families (Jacob and the Patriarchs), imperfect leaders (Samson and the Judges), imperfect followers (Jesus' disciples) and imperfect churches (the Corinthian church) in this series, how God uses imperfect people and how he transforms us bit by bit throughout our lives.
  • "U 2 Can Rock the World": We'll kick this off with the Bono interview. You can't imagine how good this interview is. Lots of U2 music in this series if I have my way. Learn what the P.E.A.C.E. Plan is all about and how it will impact Five Oaks and your small group. If you can't explain what global and local P.E.A.C.E. is by the time this series is over and if this series doesn't rock your worldview, I will have failed (or you will have missed too many weekends).
  • "Epic": This series will kick off on Easter. It's inspired by John Eldridge's book by the same title. Humanity is locked in an epic cosmic and spiritual battle. Get informed, get equipped for battle and get ready to be amazed. Angels, demons, war and more. Just wait until you see the trailer we'll be producing for this series. Think Apocalypto, Braveheart, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and more (and expect to see some great clips) because these and other such films show glimpses of reality that we don't normally see and the bravery, adventure and commitment needed to do the work of the Kingdom in our broken world.
  • "40 Days of Community": A series on building life changing community in your small group and small groups that change lives and change the world. I expect our small groups to take a big step up in effectiveness and many new folks to take a first step into a small group during this series.