Country Chop

Country1_1Country2_2 We've got two big traditions at Christmastime. One is an African meal called Country Chop. Lois lived in Liberia, Africa until she was eight and this is a recipe her family brought back with them. The color is due to the palm oil. For years we couldn't make this meal because we couldn't find palm oil anywhere. Now we can get it about a mile from home in a convenience store owned and operated by a Somali family. The mix in the bowl is chicken cooked in palm, with tomatoes, collard greens and onions. That goes on rice and topped with pineapple, coconut, peanuts, bananas and Tabasco sauce. I LOVE THIS MEAL! We had it after the services on Saturday with family and the Gaffords.

Lois' parents were missionaries and worked with ELWA, a Christian radio station in Liberia. Their front yard was the ocean. The photos include Lois' older sister Lynne, her dad, school mates (she's the third one from the left) and her younger brother Larry.
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