Christmas "Sold Out"

We've got six services this year for Christmas. We actually "sold out" of tickets for three of the services. (If you didn't get tickets, please try to come to the Saturday at 3:30 p.m. or Sunday at 2:00 p.m. services.) We don't make tickets for every available seat, so we should be okay. And we don't require that people bring the tickets (nor do we charge for them), but it helps us keep from having to turn people away because a service is full.

We solidified the order of service and I'm very excited about it. Lots of music this year. David wants to create a "gathered around the piano at home with friends and family, the fire crackling in the background" feel. Doesn't that description alone get you in the mood for Christmas! I get to experience it six times and I won't grow tired of it. I also love the backstage feeling and banter when a group of highly committed volunteers set that kind of time aside to serve during a busy season. There's a great feeling of shared experience and devotion.