"You Nauseate Me"

Here's a comment we got last summer on a First Impression Card we send to first time guests.

You guys are so "seeker friendly" and appeasing to the average conceded/content, A.D.D., luke-warm middle-class American Christian that it's nauseating! I just came back from being 5 years on the mission field and it just grieves me to see how much many American churches like yours have completely lost touch with the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Seek to please Him, not people! You don't need movie clips with the Hollywood morons, pop-corn and entertainment! You need to hear "what the Spirit is saying to the churches" (Rev. 3:22) and do it! The Lord's grace and mercy be with you!

And also with you.

(Welcome to my world, readers.) Got this one this week. Not at all in the same category (in fact, very positive and gracious), but interesting nonetheless.

Our experiences have been great at your church and we will continue to attend. Sometimes when you give so much background about something or someone in the Bible I think you begin to lose your audience. Just feedback. I really enjoy your church and think you do a great job!

Interesting contrast. (Response: I will try to give that background information in more interesting and engaging ways without cutting back. Thanks for the feedback and the kind, encouraging words.)