Want to Help Sand for Haiti?

One of the big challenges for teams in Haiti is transportation. GVCM, our Haitian partner, has recently been blessed with the donation of a school bus! The bus will be used to transport larger U.S. teams that are working with GVCM in Haiti and by the church, orphanage and school in Haiti. It will ship out soon, but it needs painting. So the Haiti team is planning a "sand the bus day" tomorrow, Saturday (Nov. 10), in preparation for painting. It will take place up in Lakeville, and they're looking for about 15 people who can help. They're also looking for 6" disk air sanders to use for the day. If you can help, contact Mike Mularoni at mike@gvcm.org. You can also call the church before 3:00 p.m. to get Mike's phone number.