Thanksgiving Extras

Great day yesterday. First, of course, was the Turkey Bowl. One of the best things about it was that I came out without any injuries and I'm not even that sore today. The only explanation is I held back a lot. Maybe I'm getting smarter.

Second, we ate with close friends we love to be with. We invited ourselves a few weeks ago. They do Thanksgiving southern style and it was delicious. But the highlight was sharing what we're thankful for around the table. Lots of tears of joy. Easily the most wonderful time of thanksgiving around the Thanksgiving table I've every experienced.

Third, we were joined by friends from China who have recently moved to Woodbury. Gary and his family have an incredible story that I'm sure we'll feature some time in a faith story at Five Oaks or I'll do an extended post on them. I've known Gary for a few years. Whenever he came to the U.S. on business, for 3M, Hector and Beth Dalton would bring him to Five Oaks and he loved it. The Daltons and his family have grown very close over the years. He's been on a fascinating faith journey and he's drawing closer and closer to God. He recently joined BSF and learning tons. When they moved to Woodbury, they wanted to be close to the Daltons (who are in Japan now, but they still own a home here) and to Five Oaks where they are now regular attenders.

Fourth, most everybody came over to our home and we all bunched into my mom's attached apartment to watch the Chiefs/Broncos game. My mom has DISH Network, so she was the only one carrying the NFL network. We were crowded but we managed to watch the game and play Balderdash. Chiefs won so Henry Michael and I were very happy. What a great day!