Our Dog Nala

Slippers_2 We just got back from a short walk in the neighborhood with our dog Nala, a weimaraner. Short walks are all she can do anymore. She's got a neurological problem that affects her back legs and, at twelve years old, she's old for a big dog. In the old days she would go on really long hikes with us, and part of our enjoyment was seeing her joy in being out in the woods.

She's been a great dog. She's smart too. She knows what it means to "get mommy's slippers" and she will go find and bring back her collar when we ask. She used to play dead on command, rise on my command and then worship me on command. But the coolest thing has been that she's never needed a leash when we walk. Lois worked hard to train her and she stays close by nature. Almost every day we talk about what it will be like when she's gone. It won't be long, but we're trying to enjoy her while we have her.Nala_2