Do Christians Really Divorce More?

We've all heard the alarming statistics about divorce among Christians. I've heard it reported repeatedly that evangelicals are more likely to divorce than the general population. Here's two sociologists, Steven L. Nock and W. Bradford Wilcox, that contradict that data.

Based on my earlier research, evangelical women tend to be happier in their marriages than other women, particularly when both the wife and the husband attend church on a regular basis. This idea that Christians are just as likely to divorce as secular folks is not correct if we factor church attendance into our thinking. Churchgoing evangelical Protestants, churchgoing Catholics, and churchgoing mainline Protestants are all significantly less likely to divorce. ...I estimate between 35 and 50 percent less likely than Americans who attend church just nominally, just once or twice a year, or who don't attend church at all. It is true that people who say they've had a born-again experience are about as likely to divorce as people who are completely secular. But if you look at this through the lens of church attendance, you see a very different story.

You can read the Christianity Today interview here.