Why Blog?

I’ve been talking about doing this for over a year. It’s become a joke with some people. I’ve hesitated for a number of reasons that will be clear to anyone who knows me or reads future posts.

  • I hate to fail at anything. If I can’t sustain it or no one reads it, I’ve failed.
  • I’m afraid of the time it will take or saying the wrong thing.

So why am I doing it now?

  • I need to find more ways to communicate with our growing congregation, especially ways that  communicate my heart and our vision.
  • As I enter my second decade of ministry here at Five Oaks I don’t want my fear of failure or anything else to hinder our church.
  • Ann Paulson, our Communications Director, said, “I need to know today if you want a link to your blog on the new website.” Funny how deadlines help. Thanks, Ann.
  • John Westurn, our Executive Pastor, was out of town when Ann asked about the link. He’s always making fun of me for wanting to blog, and I felt free to take the plunge! So there, John. :)