Monday Memo

Here are most of the comments from the weekend Communication Cards: // Loved singing Holy, Holy, Holy. So familiar and so moving. Beautiful. Thank you Worship Team.

// Thank you Henry for a great message. Starting my truck may have just taken on new meaning.

// Closing song of the opening set was moving. Gave me goose bumps and produced tears of joy (really!). Thanks. Love the worship.

// Praise and thanks for the talents of our musicians, that they give them to the glory of God.

// Power of piano on Holy, Holy, Holy was awesome. Great job Harold. Drums, piano and guitar balanced and powerful. Voices perfect. Great congregational singing.

// Nice job ladies on worship team! Also, great worship set.

// Thank you Henry for reminding us consistently and simply every week that deciding to accept the Lord’s grace is THE ONLY THING we really need to do! Everything else is only about growing closer to the Lord and making an impact on others for God during our time in this live on earth.

// Loved the message of Avalanche: “Despite all my pride and foolish ways, caught in your infinite embrace.” Amen.

// I’m excited for the rest of this series. I get so easily distracted. It’s helpful to know others struggle as well. Fantastic delivery – God was truly speaking through you.

// Shine! Was amazing! My daughter brought a friend to church today thanks to Shine. She loved it. I also had another friend who is interested in Five Oaks because of Shine. Other Shine guests also made her feel welcome here at Five Oaks. I’m so proud of my church.

// Thank you for this series. It’s something that I’ve been struggling to do in my life. The lent services are helping with that.

// Thanks for the pens and Bibles in the foyer! Great idea.

Monday Memo

Here are most of the comments and questions from the weekend Communication Cards: Crop circle

// I really enjoyed this sermon. It was a great “piggy-back” to our woman’s study (soul shift) this week. A “you” attitude vs. a “Me” attitude.

// I get a little teary-eyed when you talk about why we take communion.

// Great challenges, Henry – to focus on looking outside our circles to bring people in. also, I was brought to a deeper level of worship watching another person worship.

// Loved this sermon, Henry. Such a great reminder to all of us to keep our circles open, and for all of us to stretch ourselves in ways that may be beyond our comfort. We all have difficult levels of comfort with this, we all can stretch. [And someone caught me in a closed circle after the last service!]

// Worship to "Oh God" was amazing. Thank you Nathan. [Agree. Love those quieter moments when we're not singing but meditating on the message of a soulful Communion song.]

// Nathan – great communion.

// The song Nathan sang – wonderful, needed. Thanks!

// Classic car show in the parking lot on 4th of July? [Noted! Thanks.]

// Can we leave a few pens by the chairs that are outside the service? When we need to be out there due to noisy kids it’s hard to find pens for filling out the comment cards, writing checks, taking notes, etc. Also, there are dead bugs by the windows. [Noted]